For all products still in production, we will replace any defective part free of charge in case of structural defect or failure.*

Where are your products designed/made?

The County of Devon, UK... Nowhere else!

Why should I buy a product from the UK, that is, perhaps, more 'expensive' than from elsewhere?

Newmakers design and manufacture all our products here in Devon, UK.

This means that we are legally (as well as, for ourselves, morally) obliged to pay a fair wage to both our employees and suppliers. We also adhere to all European forestry harvesting rules (very strict). We do not try and 'get around' these issues... If customers ask us to reduce prices to a level by which we cannot pay a fair wage, or ensure environmental sustainability - then they can shop elsewhere! Very simple.

However... We do not think that our products are 'expensive'... They are simply built to last, and to be passed on to future generations...

We think this is money well spent!

Longevity...? (Back to the guarantee...)

We design our products to last! For that we give a LIFELONG GUARANTEE on all parts for existing product lines... Something breaks?... We will send you a replacement part... FREE!*

We build for quality, and heirloom value... If you're own child grows out of our product... Just pack it up, and pass it on to the next generation :)

This is why we build the way we do!


* Delivery cost might apply, depending on location.